About Ligia
Ligia has been involved with photography since childhood. This early exposure to the arts has fostered a lifelong interest in, and appreciation of, photographic excellence. Subsequent studies in Architectural Engineering and numerous courses in Fine Art have further contributed to give Ligia a solid foundation in composition and to reinforce her creativity. Painting has also been part of her art training; she was actively painting watercolors until nature photography took all her extra time.

Her fascination with the nature and wildlife photography field started in August 1998 after the addition of a suitable lens. It was then when she took her first trip solely dedicated to photograph the Northern Gannet's colony at Bonaventure Island in Canada. The images in these galleries represent Ligia's latest photographic work starting on that year.


First place in the yearly slide competitions at both, Stony Brook Camera Club in Massachusetts and the             Photographic Society of Rhode Island.

First place at the 67th All New England Annual Photographic Salon.
First place at the Yankee Photographic Society Fall Fest. Popular vote.
First place at the Yankee Photographic Society Fall Fest. Nature Slide.

First place in the yearly slide competition at Stony Brook Camera Club in Massachusetts.
Slide of the year and First Runner-up at Stony Brook Camera Club, MA.

Best Landscape at the George Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, MA (original slide.)

First place in the yearly competitions in both, slide and print categories. Stony Brook Camera Club, MA.

Best of Show at the George Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, MA (original slide.)
Judge's Choice at the George Glennie Nature Salon (original slide.)

First place, Florida's First Coast Nature Festival. Judge was Rob Sheppard, editor of
Outdoor Photographer and PC magazines.
First and third place at the "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society Photography Contest.
First place, All New England Camera Club Council, color print competition, Fall.

Grand Prize, Alaska Magazine Photo Contest.
First place, St.Augustine Alligator Farm Photo Contest in the reptile category.
Third place, St. Augustine Alligator Farm Photo Contest in the bird category.
One Fiap medal and three honorable mentions at the Greater Lynn International Salon.
Judge's Choice, NECCC photo conference, MA. Pictorial category/original slide.
One of Ligia's photographs was featured on several 80 ft billboards along Rt. 95 in Florida.
See it here

2005 and onwards
Ligia has been working on different projects and taken a sabbatical from competition. Nonetheless, she has been participating in the well-known online magazine NatureScapes.net, receiving the Image of the Week award in six occasions in three different categories: landscapes, elements of humankind and digital creations.

Ligia created her first slide show. Presented for the first time in July 2006 at the New England Camera Club Council Annual Conference at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. The show received standing ovations.
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Presentations page.



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