Photo learning experience

Travel with Ligia to learn about photography to several locations throughout the US, Canada and beyond to photograph nature and/or other subjects of interest. She is is a tireless, experienced driver and traveler with enormous enthusiasm for her craft. The images in her galleries provide an idea of the locations. The locations could be Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Australia and Europe. The possibilities are endless. The only continent that Ligia has not visited is Antarctica. She has lived in Venezuela, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US. In the US, she has lived in California, Illinois, Wisconsin and New England and has visited about 40 States. She is well aquainted with all these places and any new ones would be great to visit for the adventure. She went to Newfoundland for the first time a few years back, drove twelve-thousand miles during this trip and made it a unforgettable, wonderful memory. And brought back good photos. You would love Ligia guiding you anywhere in the world and learning photography from her.   

Cost in the Continental US and Canada is $375/day. This includes transportation in latest models SUVs from the place of stay and back. Excludes all other expenses. Cost per day and type of rental vehicle during the overseas tours varies from country to country and it would be subjected to the local requirements.

A typical photography day:
On location before dawn to photograph as long as the ambient light is favorable for producing good quality images. Break for lunch, then back to photographing in the early afternoon and until dusk or beyond when necessary. Note that when doing landscape photography, some magical moments are captured after sunset; every opportunity would be considered. Emphasis is placed on photography and not on meals and/or on resting. However, adjustments would be made according to the participant's needs. Assistance with Photoshop and a critique of your photos would be available as time allows. Assistance with composition and field techniques on the spot. These photo learning experiences are individualized. You would certainly learn and enjoy it a lot more than when following a group.

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